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Press Release: Hmong Museum awarded $40,000 to strengthen their mission

December 2, 2019. Saint Paul, Minnesota —Hmong Museum has been awarded $40,000 from the Nonprofit Infrastructure Grant Program. The grant, which is a state appropriation from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, was advocated and won through a partnership with Propel Nonprofits and the Coalition of Asian American Leaders.

“Hmong Museum is a grassroots organization by community members who have the pulse on the most important and urgent community needs. As a small organization we have the ability to be flexible and build programs with our audience one-on-one. However, as a small organization, our biggest challenges are maintaining the balance of serving people and sustaining the organization,” said Mai Nhia Vang, Executive Director and Founder of Hmong Museum.

This grant will help position Hmong Museum to more effectively achieve our mission in three key areas:

1.      Strengthen its infrastructure with a robust financial system;

2.      Create and implement a fund development plan; and

3.      Enhance object collection through cataloging software.

By achieving these goals, Hmong Museum will be a stronger organization that continues to provide a platform for Hmong people to tell their own stories and preserve their history, language, and culture. 

“As we saw in the first round of the Nonprofit Infrastructure Grant Program, direct investments in infrastructure for nonprofits led by and serving a range of cultural communities across Minnesota leads to measurable outcomes in our communities,” said Mario Hernandez, Strategic Services Director for Propel Nonprofits.


About Hmong Museum

Contact: Mai N. Vang, info@hmongmuseummn.org

Hmong Museum, a nonprofit since 2014, is a grassroots movement made up of individuals in the Hmong community who wished to have a Museum to preserve and share Hmong history, culture and stories. We envision a thriving community with a heightened Hmong consciousness. We do that by recognizing and acknowledging the intersections of all things Hmong.