5-Year Anniversary Celebration (T-shirt Design)

Hmong Museum is a response to a community need. We hear daily from educators, students, community organizations and families for:
  1. More educational materials
  2. Better resources to foster relationships and partnerships with the Hmong community
  3. Access to arts for under served communities such as the Hmong elders,
  4. Culturally relevant programs for Hmong families
  5. An urgency in documenting stories of Hmong elders and veterans.

Thank you to everyone who purchased of a t-shirt! Your contribution will help us continue to meet community needs.

More information on our t-shirt:

  • Learn more about the designer of our t-shirt: Duachaka Her
  • If you ordered a t-shirt, orders are expected to arrive around July 28th.
  • Missed out on getting a t-shirt? You can still support Hmong Museum.  
T-Shirt Thank You 1
T-Shirt Thank You 2
T-Shirt Thank You 3
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