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Hmong Museum receives $76,955 to develop a traveling exhibit for schools and cultural organizations

St. Paul, MN August 21, 2020 — Hmong Museum receives $76,955 Hmong Cultural Heritage Grant through the Minnesota Humanities Center. The grant will fund a year-long community-led collaborative effort to develop a 400 square feet traveling exhibition highlighting four different aspects of Hmong cultural heritage.

“We chose to focus on developing a small and interactive exhibit. It would be easy to travel to schools, libraries, and other cultural spaces that are looking for ways to engage their audiences about the Hmong,” says Mai Nhia Vang, Interim Executive Director of Hmong Museum.

Frequent requests for small exhibitions about Hmong people and culture come from local libraries to cultural organizations. Hmong Museum’s two 20-panel displays, Hmong Women Pioneers and Hmong Tattoo Exhibit, have been shown at libraries, art shows, corporate offices and Hmong American Day at the Minnesota State Fair to name a few. This grant will fund a more robust traveling exhibit with hands-on interaction and digital content.

Vang expresses: “One of the great things about exhibitions is that it offers a variety of learning experiences from visual, to physical, to written. This traveling exhibit also is meant to build knowledge, understanding and empathy.”

The method of developing this exhibition is also unconventional with the museum working collaboratively with Hmong community members. The hope is to incorporate what community members feel are important aspects of Hmong culture and stories to share. Hmong Museum is a perfect partner as a majority of their programming has been developed in partnership with community members including Hmong elders and artists.

“We were surprised and delighted by the creativity and collaboration shown by Hmong elders and artists. They developed truly enriching programs that Hmong families and community members have repeatedly asked for. Although our target audience are inter-generational Hmong families, good programs speak universally.”

The exhibition collaborative will be solicited in September and individuals who are interested participating are encouraged to contact Hmong Museum. 

About Hmong Museum

Hmong Museum, established in 2015 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit that envisions a thriving community with a heightened Hmong consciousness.  Hmong Museum exists to recognize and acknowledge the intersections of all things Hmong.  


Mai N. Vang, Interim Executive Director,