Hmong Museum receives $125,000 in grants to support cultural preservation & education

Hmong Museum Receives $125,000 in Grants to Support Cultural Preservation and Education St. Paul, MN – The Hmong Museum is proud to announce that it has received combined grants of $125,000 from the Minnesota Humanities Center, The St. Paul and Minnesota Foundation, and the FR Bigelow Foundation. The grants will be used to support the museum’s mission of preserving and promoting Hmong history and culture.

“We are thrilled and honored to receive these generous grants,” said Mai Huizel, the museum’s Executive Director. “This funding will allow us to expand our educational offerings for teachers, students, and parents. We are grateful to the Minnesota Humanities Center, the St. Paul and Minnesota Foundation and the, and the FR Bigelow Foundation for their support of our work.”

The grant will be used to fund several key initiatives at the museum, including:

  • Expanding the museum’s online resources to be more accessible to teachers, students, and parents.
  • Developing new exhibits and educational programs that highlight different aspects of Hmong culture, including traditional practices, art and music, and contemporary issues facing the Hmong community.
  • Collaborating with other organizations and community members to promote greater understanding and appreciation of Hmong culture.

The Hmong Museum is virtual with ongoing programs in person throughout St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN.