Hmong Museum was awarded $20,000 from Knight Foundation to help pursue the organization's mission. (From left to right) Victoria Rogers (KF VP/Art), July Vang (HM), Mai Vang (HM), Kathy Mouacheupao (HM), and Bahia Ramos (KF Arts Program Director) at the award Ceremony.


We envision a thriving community with a heightened Hmong consciousness.


The Hmong Museum exist to recognize and acknowledge the intersections of all things Hmong.

Hmong Museum is the first and currently only museum dedicated to the preservation and education of Hmong culture, history, stories, and arts. Through our work we discovered that there are no cultural programming that meets the needs of all members of our community. Hmong Museum's strategy is unique because we work directly with elders and artists to develop engaging and fulfilling projects.

Discover the transformative
power of Hmong people telling
their own stories.