Hmong Museum Hiring for the Summer!

Educational Content and Curriculum for the website Thank you for your interest. The applications are closed. Hmong Museum is developing a more robust website that can be easily used by teachers, students, and parents. There are four elements to the project: written articles, web development and art, community engagement, and curriculum development. Being in conversation […]

Hmong Museum receives $125,000 in grants to support cultural preservation & education

Hmong Museum Receives $125,000 in Grants to Support Cultural Preservation and Education St. Paul, MN – The Hmong Museum is proud to announce that it has received combined grants of $125,000 from the Minnesota Humanities Center, The St. Paul and Minnesota Foundation, and the FR Bigelow Foundation. The grants will be used to support the museum’s mission of […]

Seeking Board Members 2023

Hello! The board of directors of Hmong Museum is pleased to announce our 2023 board recruitment process.  We are seeking eight new board members to add to our board of directors in spring of 2023.  We are looking for people with these skills and attributes: A commitment to Hmong Museum’s vision and mission Member of […]

Banner - Grant for Traveling Exhibit

Hmong Museum receives $76,955 to develop a traveling exhibit for schools and cultural organizations

St. Paul, MN August 21, 2020 — Hmong Museum receives $76,955 Hmong Cultural Heritage Grant through the Minnesota Humanities Center. The grant will fund a year-long community-led collaborative effort to develop a 400 square feet traveling exhibition highlighting four different aspects of Hmong cultural heritage. “We chose to focus on developing a small and interactive […]