Melvina Cha

Melvina Cha is a practitioner, student, and community member of the MN street dance scene. She spoke at the 2020 “Dancing while Hmong” event.

Artist: Duachaka Her

Duachaka Her

Duachaka Her is a Hmong-American cartoonist and illustrator. Also, the winner of Hmong Museum’s 5-year commemorative t-shirt design.

Arist Profile: Hlee Lee-Kron

Hlee Lee-Kron

Hlee Lee is a community storyteller with expertise in digital-based journalism.

Vanghoua Anthony Vue

Vanghoua is an international artist based out of Brisbane, Australia. In 2017, Vanghoua designed a mural for Downtown St. Paul and taught his famous tape and spray-painting techinque as part of his fellowship with Hmong Museum and the Minnesota Museum of American Art.

Profile: Kathy Mouacheupao

Kathy Mouacheupao

Kathy Mouacheupao is a community leader in the Twin Cities. She’s an advocated for the arts and the Hmong people.