Profile: Bao Moua

Bao Moua

Bao Moua decided to participate in Hmong Museum’s Unforgotten program to learn about the history of the Vietnam War and the experience of the Hmong families.

Profile: Yeng Her

Yeng Her

Yeng Her is passionate about education and community. He’s an artist and educator.

Profile picture: XP Lee

Xiongpao “XP” Lee

Xiongpao “XP” Lee is a renaissance man with many talents and stories to share about community, country and growing up American-Hmong. He’s passionate about making sure the Hmong in America get counted accurately.

Katie Ka Vang - Headshot

Katie Ka Vang

Katie Ka Vang is a Hmong American playwright, actor, performance and theater artist. She envisions her work to activate individuals and communities to tell their own truths. Her work lives on the intersection of community, arts, and healing. She has been described as a “dynamic performer and relentless writer of truth.”