Hmong Chronicles: Orphan Boy

Orphan Boy

An unconventional retelling Hmong folk story: Orphan Boy.


Child Interpreter

This film captures, the story of a family’s experience living at a refugee camp after the Vietnam War. Shoua Lee, a writer from the Twin Cities, reads her story as a refugee child. Her mother, Tsai Lee, shares her stories in Hmong about life in Laos and then life in the cramped and desolate camps where they lived for four years.

Hmong chronicles: love story

Love Story

Award winning Hmong author, Kao Kalia Yang collaborates with her father, kws txhiaj singer or song poet, Bee Yang, to interpret the traditional songs written by Bee Yang and display it through Kao Kalia Yang’s own writing.


Origin Story

Hmong Museum partnered with spoken word artist Tou Saiko Lee to create a unique performance reviving traditional oral storytelling.

In this video Russ Ly choreographs a modern dance to the story. He performs the dance with Kao Nou Moua.

The story is narrated by Long Lee and Chy Lee.