SGU Vet: Sa Mao Xiong

Sa Mao Xiong

Sa Mao Xiong, was in high school in Laos when he decided he could no longer avoid the war and became a Special Guerrilla Unit soldier. He recalls his journey coming to America and how the hills of Santa Barbara reminded him of his home country.

SGU Vet: Chong Douache Yang

Chong Doua Yang

Chong Doua Yang, recalls in detail a frightening moment as a Special Guerrilla Unit soldier during the Secret War.

SGU: Chue Doua Lee

Chue Doua Lee

Chue Doua Lee, recalls his life as a young solider which began in 1961. Like many Special Guerrilla Unit soldiers the sudden pullout of Americans left panic and chaos. It was unclear what would happen. He felt there were only two paths: “we couldn’t leave but if we stayed, we die.”

sgu veteran Ly Vang

Ly Vang

Ly Vang, was only 9 when she was recruited to become a nurse. Many young Hmong girls left their families to play their role in the Secret War that took place in Laos. However, their stories are rarely heard. In this short film, Vang, shares her incredible journey, from her father’s home to the hard training and work as a Special Guerrilla Unit nurse.

SGU Veteran: Neng Xiong

Neng Xiong

Neng Xiong, a Hmong Veteran who fought in the Secret War re-accounts moments in his journey to America. From how he crossed the Mekong River to get to Thailand to his first job in America. Like many Special Guerrilla Unit soliders, Neng was a child, only 15 when he joined the fight.