The Arts & Craft Project

Hmong Museum is seeking arts and crafts submissions from artists to educate and engage the community. Starting December 9, 2020, we will post arts and crafts content every Wednesday on Facebook and this website. Each month includes a theme with three to four pieces total selected to represent that theme. 

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Monthly Themes

January: Farming 

Submission Deadline: Sunday December 21st, 2020 at 11:59PM

Decades ago, January was a time to replant the fields by slashing and burning. Reflect on how our elders used to farm by hand or the tools they made, also by hand! Then, imagine how they harvested rice, crushed the shells, and flipped it in the air. Today, we just buy a bag and cook it. Or think about how now, our family loves to garden in their backyards. Lastly, reflect on all the vegetables, fruits, and herbs we harvest.


February: Winter 

Submission Deadline: Monday, January 18th, 2020 at 11:59PM

What does winter mean to you? To your family and kids? We want this one to be about snowflakes, snow adventures, staying warm, and everything else about winter!

Submission Guidelines

Who can submit? 

We encourage anyone to send a design. You do not need to be a professional artist!

What do we expect?

Submissions should relate to themes (listed above) and if possible, be interactive and educational for all ages. They should be original creations, designed by you, the artist.

Examples of the type of ideas we are looking for:

Is there compensation?

Yes! A thank you gift of $25 will be given for each creative piece accepted.

How will submissions be evaluated or chosen?

Hmong Museum staff and board members will evaluate submissions to decide which creative pieces best portray the themes. A total of 11 pieces will be selected. An artist may have multiple pieces selected. 

* You can submit multiple pieces, however, each piece requires a separate submission applications.