Programs & Events

Our programs and events are designed to be engaging and accessible, with hands-on experiences and community participation.

Project Paj Ntaub

This 3-hour workshop, that runs monthly, continues to be our most popular program. We hear time and again, how valuable the teachings of Suzanne Thao has been to the community.

Share Your Story

A main mission of Hmong Museum is to capture the stories of the Hmong. Every story is important. Share yours with us today.

2020 Census Outreach

Learn the importance of the Hmong’s participation in the Census. 

Partners in Action

A unique exhibit that brings the traditional Hmong crafts to the walls of the Minnesota Museum of American Art.

Upcoming Events

No Events are found.

Support us through a purchase of a Paj Ntaub Kits

If you enjoy Hmong Museum programs & events, please show your support by purchasing one of our paj ntaub kits.
It includes everything you need to complete a paj ntaub project for just $10!

Funds raised through a purchase goes directly back to Hmong Museum programs and exhibits.