Project Paj Ntaub

This 3-hour workshop, occurring monthly is a unique opportunity to learn two traditional paj ntaub stitches: cross-stitch and applique.

Meet Suzanne

Suzanne Thao (AKA Mama Suzanne) has spent over 50 years making traditional Hmong paj ntaub. Her passion for the creative process drives her to share this art with so many. Her rich knowledge and philosophy of the craft makes this workshop a unique experience for everyone.

Hmong Museum Paj Ntaub 1

About the Workshop

Enjoy a personal guide to the art of paj ntaub. Each workshop includes a 30-minute presentation from Suzanne. Students will have an opportunity to work on their own project and receive 1-on-1 support & feedback from Suzanne. This is a FREE 3-hour workshop and occurs monthly.



May 25, 2019
Technique: Cross-Stitch (Max: 15 students)

June 29, 2019
Technique: Applique (Max: 5 students – FULL – Wait list, email:

July 27, 2019
Technique: Cross-Stitch (Max: 15 students)


9:00 AM – Noon


1234 Jessie Street

Saint Paul, MN 55130

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