Get your brand in front of the community while fostering the preservation of Hmong culture and stories.

Hmong Museum, established in 2014, envisions a place that would preserve Hmong artifacts, history, stories, and art and bring it all to life through programs and exhibitions. As a museum without walls, we strive to develop programs that would engage Hmong elders, artists, and families.

Past programs that sponsorship has helped produced:

  • Hmong Chronicles: a program aimed at reviving oral storytelling, our traditional way of passing on wisdom and history. Hmong elders and contemporary Hmong artists created performances.

  • Hmong Tattoo Exhibit: an exhibit that explores how some people express their Hmong identities through the symbols inspired by Hmong textiles.

  • Hmong Digital Stories: a curriculum that taught students how to interview elders and create bite sized stories to share on the World Wide Web.

  • St. Paul Hmong Mural: worked with artist-in-resident Anthony Vanghoua Vue, local artists, and the Minnesota Museum of American Art to create a large mural on 4th Street and Robert in downtown St. Paul.

  • Project Paj Ntaub: one of our longest running program where students share a nurturing space to learn how to sew Hmong cross stitch and applique.

Gala Goals

We aim to invite 200 guests and raise $30,000 – $40,000 in order to fund our growing needs as an organization. The funds raised will support our next year of growth, including:

  • Administrative staff
  • Office space rental
  • Ongoing annual programs
  • Creating a collection of family photos and important documents from the Hmong community

If you are inspired and would like to create a legacy for future generations, please support by becoming a sponsor. 

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  • Sponsor gift bags: $1,000. To have your name or logo on the gift bags.
  • Sponsor a guest. $150. We want to make this event accessible for Hmong community members including Hmong artists, elders, our inspiration speakers.
  • Fund the Collector’s Program which will commemorate the historic evening.
  • In-kind gifts placed inside the gift bag. Max size 8 x 10 inches.
  • Donation of any amount 

Sponsorship Inquiry

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