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One-Time Event Volunteers

None at this time

Project-Based Volunteers

Title: Hmong Museum Building Committee

Goal of the project: Hmong Museum is looking for a home! This search committee will meet monthly to find funding, meet with legislators, and search for a store front for Hmong Museum

Expectations for this role: 

1. Meet monthly with Board Member: Mai Vang.
2. Contribute ideas.
3. Be an ally for Hmong Museum with state representatives and legislators.

Contact for this project: Mai Vang,

Ongoing Volunteers

Title: Hmong Museum YouTube Collaborator

Goal of the project: Hmong Museum is looking to collaborate with a Hmong YouTube influencer on a web series. The content should align with Hmong Museum’s mission to educate about Hmong experiences, history and culture. This may include but not limited to Hmong food, Hmong arts / music, Hmong religion, Hmong language, etc. 

Timeline: Ongoing

Expectations for this role: 

This person will lead and manage this initiative. They will be partnered with a Hmong Museum Board member for guidance.

  1. Create story line for the collaboration. Understand any contract requirements.
  2. Research, interview and select a collaborator.
  3. Create timelines / project plan.
  4. Work with collaborator to make sure the output is to Hmong Museum standards and aligns with Hmong Museum values.
  5. Promote the series
  6. Document and report back on the stats/KPIs  

Contact for this project: Nalie Lee-Heidt,

Title: Hmong Translator

Goal of the project: Hmong Museum seeks to make all of our material accessible in Hmong.

Expectations for this role: 

  1.  Translate material, new and existing, into Hmong. This may include: website, printed materials, exhibits, emails, social media posts
  2. This work will mostly be remote, with occasionally meeting in person.

Time Commitment:

  • This is an ongoing role that can be supported by multiple volunteers. 
  • Varies, but up to 1 hour a week.

Contact for this project: Nalie Lee-Heidt,