Unforgotten: An intergenerational project with Hmong Veterans


Like most refugee and immigrant communities, the Hmong American community continues to experience generational gaps. Often times, Hmong youth may not understand how their parents’ or grandparents’ stories are relevant to their lives. While Hmong elders feel that the young are not listening, making them feel invisible and disrespected.

Hmong Museum and the Special Guerrilla Unit Veterans both recognize these challenge. Therefore,  the “Unforgotten” project was designed to pair students and young professionals with Hmong Veterans from the Special Guerrilla Unit, to document their untold war stories. Over the course of  2018, Hlee Lee, a local filmmaker, taught participants the art of film making in order to bring the Vet’s stories to life. 

The producers captured hours of interviews with each Veteran, then thoughtfully assembled key moments into a few special minutes. 

Special Guerrilla Unit Veteran: Chue Doua Lee

Produced by: Chris Moua, Cha Lor & Yingchee Lor

Special Guerrilla Unit Veteran: Moua Soua Mouacheupao

Produced by: Kathy Mouacheupao

Special Guerrilla Unit Veteran: Ly Vang

Produced by: Nalie Lee-Heidt

Special Guerrilla Unit Veteran: Chong Douache Yang

Produced by: Yia Yang


Special Guerrilla Unit Veteran: Cha Topson Lee

Produced by: Bao Moua

Special Guerrilla Unit Veteran: Neng Xiong

Produced by: Katie Ka Vang


Special Guerrilla Unit Veteran: Nha Chang Vang

Produced by: Kevin Yang

Special Guerrilla Unit Veteran: Song Leng Thao

Produced by: Xiongpao Lee


Special Guerrilla Unit Veteran: Sa Mao Xiong

Produced by: Yeng Her

Special Guerrilla Unit Veteran: Xai Paul Vang

Produced by: Melissa Vang


This project, Unforgotten, was made possible through a grant from the Minnesota Humanities Center as part of their “Minnesota Remembers Vietnam” program. 

A special thank you to the amazing organization, In Progress, for the use of their space and equipment.

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A big thank you to our partner the Special Guerrilla Unit Veterans of USA

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