The art of everyday things

What is the artistic value of a basket or skirt, used for everyday living? What happens when you leave the mountains and fields of Laos for America? Celebrate forgotten skills and fading techniques from the artists of Hmong Elder Center.

a museum Unlike any other

Hmong Museum is the first and currently only museum dedicated to the preservation and education of Hmong culture, history, experiences, and arts. We do this through the creation and collaboration of programs that:

  • Document Hmong history & knowledge
  • Exhibit Hmong culture & art
  • Share Hmong experiences & stories

Programs & Events

Hmong Museum programs are designed to be engaging and accessible, with hands-on experiences, community participation and memorable storytelling.

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Stay up to date with the latest Hmong Museum news and hear from our talented bloggers.

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As a volunteer-based organization, nearly every dollar goes into our programming.


As a start-up, we do not have a physical location, instead we partner with local cultural organizations to bring engaging inter-generational programs to the community. The Hmong Museum exists to recognize and acknowledge the intersections of all things Hmong. This includes the documenting of arts, history, folk tales, personal and family histories, traditional knowledge, current issues, and many more.


The Hmong are an ethnic group from Southeast Asia, some of whom ended up in Minnesota as refugees after 1975 when the Vietnam War ended. The Hmong were allies of the Americans in Laos and fought in a “secret war.” When the war ended many Hmong soldiers and civilians were relocated to the United States and other allied countries.