Project Paj Ntaub

Project Paj Ntaub is a monthly 3-hour workshop where you will learn one of the two traditional paj ntaub stitches: cross-stitch and applique. You will receive a 30-minute presentation from Suzanne Thao, then work on your project and receive one-on-one support and feedback.

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Hmong vet

Unforgotten: An intergenerational project with Hmong Veterans

Unforgotten, is a project led by Hmong Museum and Filmmaker Hlee Lee, with the collaboration of Special Guerilla Unit (SGU), has reached new heights as we prepare our student filmmakers into post-processing mode.

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I waited until my grandfather was on his deathbed before I asked him about his life as a soldier during the Secret War in Laos.

“Why didn’t you share this with us grandkids before?” I questioned.

“I didn’t think you kids were interested.” He answered.

Hmong Vet - Yong They Lee


The Hmong Museum in Saint Paul, Minnesota is the first and only Hmong Museum in the nation. As a new start-up, we are currently without walls and instead partner with local cultural organizations to bring engaging inter-generational programs to the community. The Hmong Museum exists to recognize and acknowledge the intersections of all things Hmong. This includes the documenting of arts, history, folk tales, personal and family histories, traditional knowledge, current issues, and many more.


The Hmong are an ethnic group from Southeast Asia, some of whom ended up in Minnesota as refugees after 1975 when the Vietnam War ended. The Hmong were allies of the Americans in Laos and fought in a “secret war.” When the war ended many Hmong soldiers and civilians were relocated to the United States and other allied countries.

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