A grassroots effort, Hmong Museum cannot exist without support from individuals and the community.



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Sponsorship & Partnerships

Hmong Museum invites individuals, giving circles, and company sponsorship for our annual fundraising events to support the museum’s 2023 public programs and operations. Be a patron and learn about benefits when you become a sponsor. Contact Development & Partnership Manager, Chee Xiong (development@hmongmuseummn.org) to learn more about sponsorship opportunities for the following events.

Annual Fundraising Events

  • Film Screening (2 events) – Two films will be shown along with a panel discussion about its cultural impact on the Hmong community.
  • The World’s Largest Paj Ntaub – The public is invited to participate in creating the world largest paj ntaub. A community collaboration where participants learn more about the history and making of paj ntaub.
  • Poster Contest – Hmong artists are invited to submit their artwork towards a poster design contest to be the Hmong Museum poster of the year. The community will have the opportunity to purchase the posters.
  • “The Evolution of Hmong Food” Food Contest & Panel – Local Twin Cities Hmong chefs are invited to participate in a food contest. Additionally guest speakers will share their insight on the evolution of Hmong food.


Hmong Museum awarded Knight Foundation.

Thank you to all our donors, volunteers and supporters!