History and Mission

The Hmong Museum (HM) formerly Hmong Museum Initiative (HMI) began as a collective desire to establish a Hmong Museum in Saint Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota. The first official HMI meeting in 2013 at the Center for Hmong Studies at Concordia University.

The 2010 Census showed that there were 66,181 Hmong in Minnesota, many residing and thriving within the Saint Paul/Minneapolis area. In a place with Hmong-owned businesses, impressive political movements, growing grassroots and arts scene is the perfect location for a Hmong Museum that will capture and preserve the ongoing strides of the Hmong community.

Preservation, education, and personal expression of the Hmong people to their children and non-Hmong community members is a priority with the passing of Hmong elders and the rapid disappearance and loss of Hmong materials, traditions, and arts.

HMI was incorporated as Hmong Museum in August of 2015. 

VISION: We envision a thriving community with a heightened Hmong consciousness.

MISSION: The Hmong Museum exists to recognize and acknowledge the intersections of all things Hmong.

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