BLM Protest

In support of Black Lives Matter, a letter from Hmong Museum Executive Director

Dear Friends,

I will be honest that over the last two weeks I have been preoccupied with my family’s own health with COVID-19 and did not have the energy to process all that is happening in our community, so this letter comes late.

I’ve had sleepless nights thinking about the ways to respond to the terrifying injustices done to our friends and neighbors. Hmong Museum is a movement by community members who wanted to see, hear, and share their own experiences. Without a platform to voice those stories, misunderstanding and injustices will continue to plague our community for generations. The voice of George Floyd was heard and sparked a worldwide movement. But he is not an exception or alone in this tragedy – over and over again violence on Black and Brown people continue with no answers for the pain they are enduring.

What we at Hmong Museum do best is to bear witness to these stories, preserve and share the lived experiences. This is why we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Our voices need to be louder, our stories need to be heard. This will make us stronger to rebuilding a thriving community that Hmong Museum envisions for all. Please share your story with us, we’re listening > 

Many community organizations were damaged during the unrest. If you are able, please consider helping these great organizations rebuild. Here are a few:


Stay well and safe my friends,

Mai N. Vang, Hmong Museum Executive Director