Travel Exhibit


Hmong Museum is developing a new traveling exhibit focused on Kindergarten through 6th grade learners and their families. This interactive exhibit will focus on two topics: Hmong dab neeg / folktales and Hmong cassette tapes. We are asking the community to contribute to the development of this exhibit. See submission information below.

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Hmong dab neeg / folktales

What Hmong folktales have influenced, inspired, uplifted or maybe deterred your family? As part of Hmong Museum’s 2021 traveling exhibit, we are seeking stories that you want to share with future generations. This is a great opportunity to hear stories from your elders on the folktales that they still carry.

Submissions are now closed.

Title image: Hmong Cassette Tape Letters

Hmong cassette tape letters

There was a time before YouTube and TikTok, where a cassette tape recorder was the way to capture and share music, stories and messages of love. The cassette tape is a perfect time capsule into the lives of Hmong from decades before. Do you have a cassette tape you’ve held on to you can share? 

Submissions are now closed.

Questions? Contact Koua Yang