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Project Paj Ntaub

Project Paj Ntaub is a monthly 3-hour workshop where you will learn one of the two traditional paj ntaub stitches: cross-stitch and applique. You will receive a 30 minute presentation from Suzanne Thao, then work on your project and receive one-on-one support and feedback.

Suzanne Thao is a paj ntaub expert. She has over 50 years of experience in traditional Hmong paj ntaub making and is passionate about sharing this creative process and knowledge with you.

Workshops will focus on the cross-stitch and applique techniques. These sessions will be held monthly from 9 am to 12 pm at Studia H, 1648 Bush Avenue (first floor) in St. Paul, 55106.

Cross-Stitch lessons will be on April 29, June 24, August 26, October 28, and December 30.

Applique lessons will be on May 27, July 29, September 30, and November 25.

To sign up or have questions, email

11 thoughts on “Project Paj Ntaub

  1. I would love to join because I don’t want to lose my heritage, but I live in CA and can’t come :(. Would it be possible to do a live tutorial?

    1. Hi Hlee! What a great idea. We will consider that for the future. I met Song from who does online tutorials. I don’t know how much it costs for her online tutorials, but definitely check her out. In the meantime, I’ll bring this idea to our program committee to see what we can do in the future.

  2. Hello!

    I would like to sign up for the Applique lessons will be on May 27, July 29, September 30, and November 25. Please let me know!

  3. This is so awesome! Wished I lived closer. I’d totally take the applique class. Keep me posted on the live tutorial please!

    1. No, the lessons are per workshop. However, if you’d like more time with Suzanne or to work on your project you’re free to attend any session.

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