Arts with Hmong Elder Center

The participants of the Hmong Elder Center never thought of their crafts as art. The cross-stitched flower cloth called Paj Ntaub and the freshly woven bamboo items in the process known as hiab poj tawb where always just a way of life. Despite this belief, the elder’s hands moves elegantly through the seams of the […]

Hmong Museum to Host “Hmong Chronicles,” a Storytelling Series

Can oral storytelling can be relevant and be considered for public education and interpretation? In 2016 and 2017 the Hmong Museum will seek an answer with their year-long storytelling series, Hmong Chronicles. The Museum will partner up with local Twin Cities Hmong artists–young and old, writers and oral storytellers–on a series of four events to […]

Hmong Museum – one of 61 Finalists for Knight Arts Challenge!

We are happy to announce that Hmong Museum was one of the 61 winners of the Knight Arts Challenge. Our art idea is to host series of Hmong oral storytelling through collaboration between knowledgeable Hmong elders and Hmong-American writers. See the story here! For more info email